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Best social media management tools

Best social media management tools

You, being a great marketing agency, trying to support your client so that they would achieve better results. However, to achieve better results, it is not enough to only create content or post adverts, but it takes a lot of work, for example, communication with its client, planning content advertising, analyzing data, etc. In order to facilitate and accelerate your work, social media management tools are created, one of them is Sposter. No 1 social media management tool.

Common problems for marketing agencies

Common problems faced by marketing agencies, which can be solved by social media management tool Sposter.:

Communication with its clients can become a serious problem while creating and processing communication plans and tasks or waiting on confirmation for created content. Without communication back from its client, a communication plan or content might be created that the client would not like and a lot of time would be wasted for nothing. Sposter. is a great tool because it can be used to connect the whole working team and the clients in one spot, create and manage communication plans and tasks, and of course, coordinate prepared content, receive confirmation or comments with the problems.

Planning of content can become a headache because of arising question: when is the best date and time to publish the content? Publishing content can take a lot of time because to upload content of the post, requires opening every social media. Social media management tool Sposter. has artificial intelligence which will help to set the best time for its post to be published, and the publication will not take as much time because all social media can be managed in one spot because you will be able to publish posts to chosen social media with just one click.

Data analysis and preparation of reports can become boring and long work. While preparing reports to the client, mistakes accidentally can happen like representing wrong data about content or results of advertisement. This is why Sposter. is an opportunity to follow the data and results of the posts in one spot and also generate reports about notifications, websites, and team members ‘ work which will help to make your job facilitated and accelerated, and there will be no time for mistakes to happen.

Social media management tools for agencies:

  1. Sposter

As we have already discussed, Sposter. possibilities are huge – from communication with customers to data analysis in one place and generated reports. This tool conveniently allows to communicate with customers about the strategy and confirm posts in one place. Sposter with the help of artificial intelligence helps find the most suitable time for publishing, and the publication itself takes place at the click of a button.

  1. Falcon

The Falcon social media management tool is great for seeing the full monthly posting plan, as the tool has a calendar with a full view of your scheduled content. This tool can also be used to plan promotional campaigns in collaboration with team members and create notes and mind maps. Falcon is designed for frequent travelers because it has an app for iOS and Android devices.

  1. Sprout Social

The Sprout Social tool allows you to interact with team members, assign tasks to them, and see the full progress of tasks. This tool is convenient in that it is not necessary to open social media to see and reply to all messages, as this can be done in Sprout Social. It is also possible to filter messages or assign one of the team members to reply to messages. The tool has many video templates, so you can create posts from scratch.

  1. Sendible

It is another social media management tool that is convenient for creating and scheduling posting times with an optimal posting analysis feature. In the Sendible tool, you can view and reply to messages. Also, this tool is great in that it allows you to manage not only regular social media but also blogs or view Google Analytics data.

  1. AgoraPulse

With AgoraPulse you can create and publish posts, receive and reply to messages. This tool is interesting in that there is a section for fans and watchers that lists the most engaged people, so you can see if the circle of engaged people is increasing or decreasing. Scheduled entries can be viewed in the provided calendar, and results can be viewed by clicking on already published entries.

  1. CoSchedule

A key element of the CoSchedule social media management tool is a calendar where you can see all your upcoming social media posts, blog posts, emails, and other types of content. The calendar also shows the tasks of team members. With this tool, you can create and publish all posts without accessing social media.


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