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Social Media Management Tool - Objectives | Sposter

How to manage ongoing tasks and optimize work processes?

How to evaluate communication results and discover new solutions to improve it?

How to reduce social media management costs?


For Individuals

The tools in the system and the settings set by artificial intelligence will help you to choose and create the social networking post that suits you best without any special skills and knowledge.

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For Business

Connect your social networks in one place. Create, plan, and analyze team and social networking outcomes.

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For Callaboration

Build a team, bring colleagues and clients together in one environment. Plan your work, exchange information, and coordinate work with the client.

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For Brand elevate

Create corporate communication. Involve your employees and increase brand awareness while planning and creating content on social networks.

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Customer Reviews

Artūras, “Stilingi“

It’s always easy to work with Sposter. Everything is done on time, with a positive mood. If something is unclear or aid is necessary, they will always help you.

Ilona, “”

When we started working with this team, we needed a quick start with the social networking communication. The team reacted rapidly, provided us with the right offer and immediately started working according to plan. We were very pleased.

Meda, “Technonicol Lietuva"

We have been working with Sposter for many years and we can give only the best reviews. Qualified services at an affordable price. They consult, give advice on how to achieve the best result with the current budget. When communicating with employees, you can feel a sincere desire to help the client and solve one’s problem. Also, using the Sposter social networking system, it became easier for us to create content, plan and communicate on social networks. Convenient, fast and easy.

Artūras, “WiseMonks“

Timely and high-quality work, as well as initiative, are important to us. We receive all of this that is why we can confidently recommend it to others.

Vaida and Irmantas, “Mint4Rest”

Quality and price balance.

Elvyra, “Bebro blyninė“

We are glad to have discovered a company that provides high-quality social network services, the main goal of which is a job well done and a satisfied customer. While working with this company, there were some cases when the work had to be done as soon as possible and all tasks were performed in a quality and timely manner. Good luck to you!!!


Why Sposter?

The growing popularity of social media is becoming an integral tool for businesses to reach out and communicate with their customers. However, each network has its own characteristics, rules, functions, textual and visual requirements.
Our goal is to provide a tool that will allow you to facilitate and optimize the work of creating and managing your existing social networks. You no longer need to use separate tools such as Outlook, Excel, Photoshop, Chat. With Sposter, you will get one platform where you can create a social networking communication plan, create posts on Facebook and Linkedin, use a visual library and editor, create tasks and communicate with team and clients, analyze results.

Is it possible to schedule posts for a personal Linkedin page on the Sposter platform?

By logging in to the Sposter platform using Linkedin, you can link both your own and any other Linkedin business profile to which you have administrator rights. You can also invite other users to the team and they will also be able to log in using their personal LinkedIn profiles. This way, you can see the whole team and plan the communication steps together for both yourself and the team members. It is possible to prepare a post for another user through the Sposter system, but only that person can confirm the right to publish this post on LinkedIn.

How is Sposter different from other similar systems?

The main focus of our system is the creation of high-quality content using shared team knowledge and effort, as well as the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to offer the user an optimal publishing plan and then, based on historical data, form recommendations for the user on how to create high-quality content

Is it possible to connect an Instagram account to the Sposter system?

You can log in to the system using your Instagram business profile. To do this, the Instagram page of the social network must be connected to the Facebook business page. This can be done in the settings of the Facebook public page in the Instagram section, it is enough to link a business profile and everything should work. Full instructions can be found here:

Authorizing and linking to your Instagram business page allows you to see your page in real-time in the Timeline. If necessary, click on the post you are interested in and the system will open it for you on Instagram. Currently, the system does not have the ability to post directly to Instagram.

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