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Why Do We Need Social Media?

Increasing brand awareness
Building an image, increasing authority
Direct communication with existing and potential clients
Comprehensive and specific performance results
Attraction of new clients
Reviews of existing customers
Attracting visitors to your site
Effective advertising of goods or services

Why SposterOnline?

We live in social networks, so we have our own know-how

Quality and timely work is important for us

To quickly understand the peculiarities of clients of different profiles and strive to solve their problems

We are specific, so clear goals and results are important to us

How We Work?

Development and implementation of communication content

Monitoring and reporting of results

Social Media Management Tool - Main | Sposter

Preparing a communication plan

Improving the communication plan based on results


Management of social networks

Maintenance and administration of Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin accounts; Uploading posts; Choosing the right time to post posts; Selecting hashtags, recommendations; Monitoring comments, messages.

Content creation

Preparation of a communication plan for an agreed period; Text creation; Visual creation and selection.

Advertising purchase

Advertising creation (visual and text); Work with Facebook Business Suite; Audience selection; Location selection; Results analysis, reports.

Social networking strategy

Development of a strategy to achieve the set goal, such as: raising awareness, increasing sales, image of the employer; Budget preparation; Strategy implementation; Analysis and monitoring of results.

Training and counselling

If you want to manage social networks yourself, we can counsel and teach you. Using Sposter system you will be able to create and plan the content independently.

Let's work together to bring your business

up to speed!

We analyse each client separately and submit an individual offer. Contact our manager and receive an offer

Customer Reviews

Artūras, “Stilingi“

It’s always easy to work with Sposter. Everything is done on time, with a positive mood. If something is unclear or aid is necessary, they will always help you.

Ilona, “”

When we started working with this team, we needed a quick start with the social networking communication. The team reacted rapidly, provided us with the right offer and immediately started working according to plan. We were very pleased.

Meda, “Technonicol Lietuva"

We have been working with Sposter for many years and we can give only the best reviews. Qualified services at an affordable price. They consult, give advice on how to achieve the best result with the current budget. When communicating with employees, you can feel a sincere desire to help the client and solve one’s problem. Also, using the Sposter social networking system, it became easier for us to create content, plan and communicate on social networks. Convenient, fast and easy.

Artūras, “WiseMonks“

Timely and high-quality work, as well as initiative, are important to us. We receive all of this that is why we can confidently recommend it to others.

Vaida and Irmantas, “Mint4Rest”

Quality and price balance.

Elvyra, “Bebro blyninė“

We are glad to have discovered a company that provides high-quality social network services, the main goal of which is a job well done and a satisfied customer. While working with this company, there were some cases when the work had to be done as soon as possible and all tasks were performed in a quality and timely manner. Good luck to you!!!

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