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Analyze and develop your brand

Get detailed information about the results of publications, analyze them and use it to develop your brand on social networks.

Measure social media performance, generate reports, and get recommendations to grow your reach, engagement and sales.

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One environment for your analytics

In Sposter, you can get analytics and reporting of your social networks in one environment

Track post performance and monitor metrics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - all from one intuitive dashboard.

Social Media Management Tool - Analytics 3 | Sposter

Personalized reports

Install filters and get data in the context of the parameters that you have set

Save and provide the data in the required formats (excel, xml, pdf)

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Detailing each post

In Sposter, you can view all your posts that have been previously made on the social network.
View and compare post rates in a convenient table.

Social Media Management Tool - Analytics 5 | Sposter


Track and compare the results of your work on different social networks.

Get instant insights into your communications with dynamic charts designed to make social media data easily comprehensible and ready to be presented in other formats.

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