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Social Media Management Tool - Get Started | Sposter

Work with multiple social networks at the same time

Manage all your social media profiles from one location easily: create and schedule posts, set tasks, and communicate with your team and clients.

Place tasks and posts on your calendar.

Track the post's activity in the event feeds.

Social Media Management Tool - New Post | Sposter

Save time when creating and scheduling posts

With the help of our system, you can adapt publications for each social network separately, i.e., select the necessary hashtags, emoticons and even change the text and attachments for each social network.

Sign up with Bitly once, and Bitly's integrated access system will automatically shorten the links you want to share in your posts.

Publish multiple merged posts to different social networks with one click.

Social Media Management Tool - Calendar | Sposter

Visualize contents in a shared publishing calendar

Using sorting and different calendar widgets, get a visual overview of your social media activity, past, present and future.

You can easily change the order of your posts in Sposter by simply dragging and dropping them right in your calendar.

Social Media Management Tool - Campaign | Sposter

Be consistent in your actions

Group pages of different social networks and prepare content that will be immediately published through different channels to achieve greater engagement of your customers.

Keep track of the frequency of your posts in a convenient calendar, stick to plans, as consistent actions increase the organic rates of visits and views of your posts.

Social Media Management Tool - Designer | Sposter

Create stunning images straight from Sposter

Create eye-catching designs with integrated access to the Crello system, using ready-made templates and rich libraries of free images.

Image parameters will immediately be offered in the formats required by Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The prepared image will be placed directly in the Create Post window and will be ready for posting.

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