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Social media possibilities and efforts

Social media possibilities and efforts

Social media satisfies our basic human social needs by allowing us to share about ourselves, find new connections, and be part of a community. But its popularity and usefulness are far beyond those things.

Opportunity to be seen

Social media does a great job of bringing us together. We can share photos, videos, hobbies, work. All of this provides a great opportunity to get a job or internship offer. Friends or family can see new events that have happened to us and adjust to them.

Opportunity to find like-minded people

Social media can also connect with new friends. If you love an obscure artist who doesn’t care about any of your local friends, you can find like-minded people online and enjoy together. Get together in closed groups to discuss topics or projects that are important to you. You can follow the activities of that artist and sometimes even contact him directly. It can also help you find ideas when creating. You can find someone to inspire you.

Opportunity to be noticed

If you happen to be an obscure artist, you can share your work and find your audience. Social media gives us the chance to be creative and put our ideas or creations out there for others to experience. Videos, art, writings, music, even jokes, are easy to share online. Tip – do what you love, whether you’re singing or writing poems, making videos, do what gives you happiness, and the audience will see it and enjoy it.

Social media is powerful

Constantly improving and helping. Not only is it a simple way to communicate or work, but it is also a good way to address issues such as a social movement seeking positive change, finding a supportive community, or drawing government attention to important issues. In 2020, more than 3.6 billion people used social media worldwide. These figures represent ~ 45% of the total human population. It is projected that in 2025 this number will rise to almost 4.41 billion. On average 3 hours. 40 min. about half of the time a person spends using a mobile phone, is spent on social networking or other communication apps.


Billions of people around the world use social media. To give your business real value and revenue, to be known or noticed, you need to be able to reach people, and social media is the easiest and most cost-effective way to do that. Billions of people are waiting to find out what you have to offer.