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In the SPOSTER system, you can create an environment where your team will aim at a common target of your brand development. All you have to do is to register, add your company business profile and invite your employees. Every team member will be able to see the general operation plan, create one’s own publications, help coworkers, coordinate actions with a marketing department and prepare publications that will be posted on the social network at scheduled time beforehand.

Employees are:
  • 60% more likely to engage with posts from coworkers;
  • 14х more likely to share their organization's Page content.
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When employees are actively engaged with their coworkers and organization, they share more content, helping expand your brand's reach in a credible and authentic way.

Engaged employees influence:
  • 8х more Company Page views;
  • 4х more Company Page followers;
  • 7х more job views, and 4x more job applications;
  • 45%+ new potential clients;

What is the result? The truth creates incandescent passion that transforms your brand within and without.

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