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10 Reasons to Use a Social Media Management Tool

10 Reasons to Use a Social Media Management Tool

As the technological world rapidly advances, the flow of information increases. Social media grows in importance, so does the need to optimise and manage this information. This requires social media management tools to publish posts, analyse incoming data and monitor user engagement. The benefits of these tools were already apparent in 2022, and this year they have received more attention and have been launched on an even wider scale. Social media management tools are designed to make it easier to manage your business in the social space and ensure successful brand awareness.

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Statistics on the use of social media management tools over the last 5 years (Google Trends).


Today we talk about the latest marketing tools and give you 10 reasons why you should use social media management tools.

  1. Optimises different social pages

The most important task of social media management tools is to value and save your time. Although social media has become a part of everyone’s daily routine, when you are on holiday or enjoying summer evenings with friends or family, it becomes difficult to check and analyse the data of each social network. Marketing tools do the job for you. With just one app, you’ll see all the activity on “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Instagram”, “TikTok” and more. It’s great for you and your business, so relax and let the algorithms do all the work.

  1. Maintains customer relationships

We live in a fast-paced world, with fast food restaurants, faster computers and machines, so it’s only natural that consumers’ desire to stay up-to-date with new information, to see interesting posts and to interact with brands in real time is growing.

  • Research shows that 40% of customers expect a company to respond to a question within one hour (data sourse: The Sprout Social Index, Edition XVI: Above & Beyond | Sprout Social);
  • Brand dissatisfaction and distrust increase when no response is received even when trying to contact different channels;
  • A “BrandWatch” study found that handling customer service enquiries via social media channels is up to 12 times cheaper than handling the same enquiries by phone. This is where social media management tools come to the rescue and help businesses save money and make customers happy.
  1. Helps you plan efficiently

For a marketing strategy to be effective, it is not only necessary to create high quality content that is useful to consumers, but also to plan it. Social media management tools make it easy to plan this using the calendar function. It allows you to quickly and conveniently mark the days and times you want users to see your content. Plan weeks or months in advance and rest assured that social media management tools will take care of everything.

  1. Increases brand awareness

Another huge advantage of tools is that they enable you to achieve useful business objectives: to foster customer loyalty, increase sales and improve brand image. According to statistics, there are as many as 2.9 billion active users of the “Facebook” platform. Every business that builds a brand image wants to stand out and be known to as large a part of the target audience as possible. Social media management tools help to plan a clear and precise marketing strategy. Timely posts receive the highest visibility and engagement, increasing brand awareness and creating the image of an efficient and reliable business.

  1. Helps to analyse social marketing activities

Social media management tools allow you to better understand which social media posts are working and which are not. Looking at statistics can help you identify which posts are getting more attention, which users are more likely to engage with and share.

You can answer your own questions by looking at the data:

  • Which campaign performed best last month?
  • How often were ads seen on users’ screens?
  • What is the most relevant content for which age group?
  • Which social networks is the brand getting the most attention on?

This analytical data will help you to develop your next marketing strategies more effectively and give you a better understanding of the needs of your target audience.

  1. Simplifies working with your team

Managing several different social accounts is easier when working with a team. To ensure that several people work together seamlessly, use Social Media Management tools that allow you to see employee activity, correspondence with clients, and posts that are being created and already scheduled. The tools will prevent confusion and ensure effective communication.

  1. Helps to produce reports that may be needed by the client

If you are developing social media strategies not only for your own business, but also for others, they will be interested in receiving accurate information about the success of your campaigns. Without the use of marketing tools, producing reports would be a time-consuming task. It is much easier to manage social networks and to see analytical data using marketing tools. With a few clicks you can provide the most up-to-date information on the success of your campaigns to your stakeholders.

  1. Helps reduce costs

For an effective marketing plan, it is important to strategically allocate your budget to advertising campaigns that are able to attract the target audience, drive sales, and engage with the content your brand creates. Using Social Media Management tools, you can strategically allocate your advertising budget to achieve the best results for your business at the lowest cost.

  1. Track keywords more easily

Which keywords are working and which are not? How does the customer use keywords to learn about your business? These are questions that can arise not only when starting a branding activity, but also for a business that has been on the market for a long time. Marketing tools help you to optimise the use of keywords and choose the most relevant ones. Why are keywords so important, you ask? We answer:

  • The right keywords improve search engine rankings;
  • They allow you to identify the target audience’s language and the topics that interest them;
  • Increase the number of customers by helping them find your business online faster and more easily than your competitors.

According to a study conducted by “Search Engine Land”, 48% of customers use voice assistants for general web searches and search for information using common language keywords, so using keywords to become a customer’s first choice is particularly useful.

  1. Easy to use marketing tools

Social media management tools are designed to be extremely convenient and easy to use. With different types, prices and features, the tools will help you create and monitor all your social media management in one place. If you have any questions about how to use them, you can check the websites of the marketing tools or contact customer support, who will help you to find the answers to your questions in a very convenient and simple way.

Final thoughts

Marketing analytics tools make it easier and more efficient to manage your social media activities. In today’s world, it is very important to gain an edge over your competitors and to create an attractive image of your company to the customer by developing an effective marketing strategy. You can achieve this by using Social Media Management tools.

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