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Why it is important to make buzz on social media for a new product

Why it is important to make buzz on social media for a new product

If your dream is successfully, launch a product. Firstly, you need to get people excited and build buzz around your product.

After a while, when your product is finally ready. You need to focus on the launch of your new product. Before that, you need to make sure that you have a strategy for your product.

Why? Because it took a lot of time and money to make this product. If your strategy fails, all of your hard work and money will be in vain.

It’s very frustrating to witness the failure of new products. The main reason is that most of them ignore the importance of creating buzz before the launch of a new product.

In this article, you will find 4 effective tactics to build buzz for your new product using social media.

1. Release Behind-the-Scenes Videos

One of the best ways to create buzz around your new product is to create a video, which shows behind the scenes. For this communication message, you can use Instagram TV feature or Facebook Live video to give your loyal followers a peek into making your product.

Behind-the-scene videos, are valuable content, and they will help you build excitement among your audiences before the actual product launch. Based on that excitement, people will start talking about your upcoming product launch.

For instance, Wendy Nguyen – YouTuber and fashion blogger with nearly 665,000 Subscribers, helped promote Marissa Webb’s Fall 2017 Collection.

During New York Fashion Week, Wendy posted a behind-the-scenes video giving her community backstage access to the making of Marissa Webb’s look-book.

The YouTube video was able to successfully create buzz and generate excitement for Marissa Webb’s Fall 2017 Collection, garnering more than 45,000 video views and 1,000 likes!

2. Create Mystery around The Product

Everyone likes some mystery and secrets. So why not to create a mystery about your product?

Creating mystery around your product on social media is a great way of creating buzz for your product launch. It’s a guaranteed way of building excitement and generating enthusiasm within customers.

Mobile company OnePlus wanted to launch their new variant of OnePlus 6. Without revealing anything about the product, the company just posted the number of hours left before launching the new product on their Instagram page.

3. Team Up with Influencers

It’s very rare that a product is successfully launched without a loyal and enthusiastic group of fans promoting it first. If you don’t want to take chances, then you can collaborate with a group of influencers. This will ensure you a successful launch of your product and it will boost sales.

Influencers can help increase buzz for your new product launch event. The popularity and demand of influencer are continuing to increase. In 2017, 86% of marketers chose to work with influencers for their marketing strategies.
Always ensure to find and collaborate with the influencers whose personalities align with your brand and product.

4. Organize Giveaways and Contests

Contests and giveaways are some of the most successful methods to create buzz for a new product before its launch. This method will help you increase the awareness and reach for your brand. In contests or giveaways, you can ask your followers to tag their friends or families or share and talk about your product on their social media handles. As a result, your brand will experience a rapid growth in the number of followers on your social media channels.

Let’s Create Some Buzz!

If you want to achieve your sales and revenue targets, you need successfully create buzz about your new product before its launch. Follow the strategies above, like conducting giveaways and contests. These easy-to-implement strategies will help you create some much-needed buzz on social media for your new products. It will excite and encourage consumers to talk about your product even before you release it.

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