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Sposter Functions

Sposter Functions

1. Creating Attractive Content

From your user profile, you can easily and quickly create messages for your chosen audience. Possibility for all team members to post approved messages will save time and facilitate the workflow.

2. Efficient workflow planning

Automatically post messages according to the aggregated schedule and keep your social networking accounts active 24/7. Upload and create hundreds of messages through one platform and see a comprehensive overview of scheduled messages.

3. Publication of messages on all networks via one platform

Manage all your social networking accounts in one place conveniently: plan actions, create messages, interact with your team and clients, track your account activity, and get information about the achieved goals.

4. Improving your audience

Choose the right audience for your content, use the recommendations, follow the results, and get more interest, engagement, inquiries, and increase your brand awareness.

5. Analysis of the results and results

See clear and detailed reports of actions and results. Get accurate and detailed reports for specific accounts and easily share them with your team members or clients.

6. Manage your team

Communicate with your team members and see and follow all the actions they take. By precisely distributing the roles of the team members, promptly respond to a comment or request and simplify the messaging administration process.

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