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Software application INDU changes the name to “SposterOnline”

Software application INDU changes the name to “SposterOnline”

We are announcing that in 2018, September 10, Socneta Ltd. changed the name of its proprietary social network management software application from INDU to SposterOnline. The product is created in Lithuania, and will be available globally to all Internet users.

Socneta, Ltd. Is developing SposterOnline Social Network Management Solution, which helps online marketing companies, freelance employees and individual users of social networks integrate all the accounts of different social networks. The system allows you to manage your and customer profiles on one flexible and user-friendly platform. It also gives the opportunity to include other team members in the management work.

We inform you that from 2018 September 10 all the documents and marketing communications will use only the new product name “SposterOnline”.

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