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Social media forecasts for the coming year

Social media forecasts for the coming year

Everyday we spend a lot of time browsing the social space, so this activity is part of the job for some and fun for others. But you will probably agree that we all want to curb our curiosity and deepen our knowledge of what lies ahead for us in the coming 2020s.

Launched over the past decade, social platforms “Instagram” and “Pinterest” have been rapidly integrated into personal and professional social media marketing, with the “TikTok” short video app reaching 1.5 billion new users in recent years, and Facebook breaking data protection laws in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The social media movement may be unexpected, but are there any trends we can expect for 2020? In this article you will find some insights and opinions about who will be most popular next year.

IGTV is the new TV

Jenay Rose is a business consultant and social media specialist who teaches other women how to become an online entrepreneur. Rose teaches women how to start and grow a six-figure online business, as her own achievements can attest. In the last twelve months, Rose has set up a six-figure business on Instagram. She has more than 80K Instagram views. Followers can reach hundreds of thousands of women every day through their social media accounts.

2020 Rose says social media will move to video. “IGTV”, the standalone Instagram video app, will be at the forefront of this.

Subscribe, rate, and download (more) webcasts

Push videos aside and get ready to subscribe to more podcasts. Rose also hosts her weekly podcast, Align Your Life, and says that podcasts are a bigger way to convert your message and attract your audience because you’re literally in someone’s ear.

“Once upon a time, content was supposed to be just beautiful,” says Rose. “Now the attention of the viewer and the listener must be maintained for a longer time”

TikTok’s new social media platform

Technically, “TikTok” is already a huge platform with a huge population of adults and Gen Z users. This site was created in 2016. and has over 500 million users actively using the app worldwide. Over a million videos are watched daily. One can start to expect that 2020 global brands will start designing their “TikTok” presentations. Such merchandise accounts will be used to build brand awareness, engage with audiences, and attract younger consumers.

These are just a few of the observations that will gain great success and consumer interest in the near future. As you strive for diversity, new developments and trends, explore new areas emerging in the social space where you can discover great benefits in raising awareness of your goods or services. However, keep in mind that discovering new platforms also puts a lot of content in your content creation efforts, which some tools can help you manage. If you haven’t found one yet, try “SposterOnline“, a social networking management platform that not only speeds up work but also improves results.

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