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New updates to your “LinkedIn” profile

New updates to your “LinkedIn” profile

Get ready to update your “LinkedIn” profile!

The professional Social Network introduces a new profile element that will allow users to showcase their major achievements and updates in a separate featured section right at the top of their “LinkedIn” profile.

According to LinkedIn:

“In the “Featured” section, you can show examples of your work to the users viewing your “LinkedIn” profile. It’s a great way to prove your skills and experience.”

Users will be able to add any of their “LinkedIn” posts as recommended content, as well as add links to external sites. Suppose a personal blog, links to a portfolio, and so on.

According to “LinkedIn”, this update was much needed. It will allow consumers to highlight key aspects of their professional opportunities, which will allow freelancers and / or small business owners to share more information about the services they offer on their profiles.

It also mentions that you must “write and publish a post or article directly to “LinkedIn” in order to add it to your posts.” However, this is not a huge limitation – for example, you can post a “LinkedIn” update pointing directly to your business homepage, then add a link to the “Featured” section and provide direct business referrals from your LinkedIn page.

You will be able to update and edit this section on an ongoing basis. This is a significant update to “LinkedIn”, providing a whole new way to showcase your professional competencies, achievements, services and more.

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