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Instagram Themes to Inspire Your Platform

Instagram Themes to Inspire Your Platform

But let’s be real – they’re all a bit stale now.

There’s a bit of an art to creating an inviting, attention-grabbing Instagram theme, and starting off without clear guidelines can make the whole process even more tricky.

So, let’s get started.

Instagram Themes: What to Remember

Instagram themes are a great way to curate beautiful Instagram feeds – but remember to keep your overall brand experience in mind.

If you’re looking to implement a new theme, ask yourself:

  • Will this approach make sense when paired with your other content?
  • Will this theme appeal to your target audience?
  • Will people click through on your bio link and be welcomed by a similar aesthetic?

You should use Instagram themes to help enhance your brand aesthetic on the platform – but not to completely change it.

Here are some rising themes to consider.

1. Golden Minimalism

Like the warmth of summer, and shimmering exclusive jewels, the ‘Golden Minimalism’ Instagram theme shines with feelings of unique beauty, luxe experiences and simple statements.

2. Sunset Tones

Teaming fresh blushes with earthy browns and fresh teal coloring, the ‘Sunset Tones’ theme offers Autumnal vibes, natural motifs and creative product focus.

3. Modern and Clean

Fresh, bright and airy. There’s a real art to achieving the ‘Modern and Clean’ Instagram theme. Using light colors, contrasted with bright examples, this theme mixes product photos, quotes and a few human elements.

4. Movement

The ‘Movement’ Instagram theme is comprised of bold imagery captured in motion. With a strong focus on the human element, each image is inspired by dynamic and active content.

5. Block, Bright Backgrounds

Inspired by the colors of pop art and the 80s, the Instagram theme using ‘Block, Bright Backgrounds’ celebrates all that is filled with color, personality and fun.

6. Single Focus Color

This theme is for brands who are clear about their visual representation, and confident that their brand message is easily associated with their individual color choice.

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