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Instagram launches a DM test on the desktop version

Instagram launches a DM test on the desktop version

A welcome update for many Instagram marketers. After the functionality was first spotted in February last year, Instagram has confirmed that it will provide direct access to Instagram messages via the web version.

Instagram announces that only a small percentage of users will be able to use this feature while the feature is being implemented.

An additional Instagram messaging tool will become more widely available. Notably, not all users can access the platform using the gadget on their mobile phones. For Instagram users with restricted network or data plans, this could be a useful way to connect to their DM on an alternative platform.

As well as the benefits to brand administrators, this could be an added feature to use for DM customer service, which will allow for easier integration into the broader social media workflow.

However, as previously mentioned, only a small number of users will currently be able to access their Instagram DM via the online version, but it is likely that more and more users will be able to try this feature in the near future.

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