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Inspiration for e-Commerce promotion

Inspiration for e-Commerce promotion

Looking for inspiration for your next eCommerce promotion? The team from SlickText share 10 marketing ideas for eCommerce retailers in this infographic.


First, before you take the initiative, analyze what problems your customers face in the social media. A few studies will give you a clearer idea of where to start and which areas to focus on.


If you often hear that your products or services are receiving good reviews, be sure to encourage your customers to share their experiences on social networks. The feedback you receive from your loyal customers will also impress future customers.


Looking to attract visitors? One effective way is to hold a contest. You may think that this is just a waste of money and time, but having regular competitions creates a certain tendency for your visitors to grow. That way, you can easily attract more people to buy what you sell.


Nothing is better than direct opinions or recommendations shared in the public. It is probably not a new thing anymore, but collaboration with influencers remains a popular tactic. By working with the right people, you can create the perfect advertising campaign that will attract interest, and possibly even profit.


There are several other ways you can connect with your customers. One of them is through various polls or votes. Currently, almost all social networks have this capability. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of it to find out what your users think about one thing or another. Let’s say a survey can tell you which services or products are in greater demand or what your customers expect.


You think this is not worth anything, but you’re wrong. By regularly posting one-day or weekly discounts, you will be able to attract customers and who will follow your news.


Got a product that your users are reluctant to use? Perhaps the reason is that the product you are offering is difficult to manage? If this problem does exist, we recommend that you create a video that clearly shows all the product control features. Not only would this give you greater confidence in your product, but it would also keep consumers engaged and use it more commonly.


Check out the latest posts on your social networks. And what do you notice? Duplicate words and pictures about promoting your product? This is a common mistake that anyone who wants to advertise in the social media makes. Avoid direct sales related messages. Instead, create engaging and possibly sentimental, entertaining, unique content that will attract interest more effectively.


Wondering how Vitamin C can help attract interest to your services? It’s easy, create entertaining and funny illustrations with the simplest tools like “StoryBorad“. Social networks are a great place to share them and increase awareness of your services.


As we have said, every feedback is important, so the negative emotions of the users should not be ignored. By showing attention to dissatisfied users, you are paying attention to the fact that you care about everyone and expect everyone to receive attention and action. It can be said that every mistake can be learned, so appreciate it and strive for even better heights.

Each of the above suggestions is everyone’s personal choice. If you think and believe this is relevant to your business, then go ahead and create new goals with new ideas!

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