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History of Advertising on “LinkedIn”

History of Advertising on “LinkedIn”

Are you familiar with the storyline of the “Friends” TV series? Most of  you would probably say that you have heard of it, or even seen it at least several times. And did you know that in 2003 this series was still considered one of the most watched series? Probably the most loyal fans would not even doubt and unequivocally approve.

What else do you think happened in 2003? If you have been following the innovations of social networks since they were created, then you will be well aware that 2003 was the year when the social network “LinkedIn” was created. Today, we can hardly imagine our daily routine and work without social networks, and even more the features they provide reach so many people around the world.

We are not surprised that social networks can not only share photos, videos, communicate with friends or colleagues, but also run advertising campaigns. “LinkedIn” is no exception, this social network has been offering us this opportunity for 14 years. This is quite a time when most have been able to understand and master the subtleties of this platform.

In the infographic you can see the development stages of “LinkedIn” advertising development. According to this social network, analyze the biggest changes that have taken place during this time, which will give marketers a better insight and more effective campaigns on the “LinkedIn” platform.

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