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Facebook Publishes New Data on Food-Related Purchases

Facebook Publishes New Data on Food-Related Purchases

Facebook has published a new research report which looks at the increasing role that social platforms – and Facebook and Instagram in particular – are playing in the discovery process for food-related content, including recipes, new products, restaurants, etc.

Facebook commissioned a survey of more than 2,280 people in the US, aged 18 and over, who had purchased food products in the three months leading up to November 2018. The results show that younger users are increasingly likely to be using social media apps for food-related inspiration, which is an important trend of note for those working in related sectors.

Among the highlighted stats:

  • 36% of 18–34 year-olds say that they engage with food-related posts on Facebook every week
  • 44% of younger food shoppers post or share food-related content on social media
  • 34% of people under 34 use their phone to look for promotions and discounts when shopping in-store

​Some key insights for food marketers – you can read Facebook’s full report here, or check out the infographic below.

Content from: SocialMediaToday

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