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4 tips how to have quality time

4 tips how to have quality time

Today’s situation shows us that we will be spending more time at home. However, how to make the most of this time ? Here are some suggestions.

1. Find FREE webinars 

During this time there is nothing better than joining a free webinar and getting more knowledge. For instance, you can find many suggestions in the platform of “LinkedIn”. One of them you can join next week (March 25th, 2020) Check the link for more information about it “LinkedIn Content Strategies”

2. Get FREE access to the various online materials

If you are interested in marketing, you can find a free library of 36 marketing playbooks here

3. Listen podcasts 

Now you can find so many people who are sharing their ideas on podcasts. Some of them you can find on “Spotify”. Also, do you know that even “LinkedIn” has it’s own playlist? Check the article about it here

4. TED talks

It’s always a good idea to hear some inspiring talks from people who we admire. Search for you favorite ones here

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