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(EN) 2019 Social Media Image Sizes for a perfect visual

(EN) 2019 Social Media Image Sizes for a perfect visual

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Using effective images is key to making your social media posts stand out, but ensuring your visuals look their best can be difficult, with the platforms regularly changing their guidelines on optimal display sizes and accepted file formats (related note: Twitter changed the way it supports PNG files just last month).

To help make your social images look their best, the team from Constant Contact has put together this updated guide on image sizes and formats, providing insights for all the key platforms (except Snapchat) along with some extra notes on each to help you stand out.

Even if you think you’re across all the key info, it’s worth going over the listing – again, the platform image specs are changing all the time, and it’s worth ensuring you’re putting your best foot forward.

Check out the full infographic below.

Information from SocialMediaToday

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