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5 Tools for Social Media Content Inspiration

5 Tools for Social Media Content Inspiration

Creating content is a constant grind – it takes skill, time, and a whole lot of effort.

If you find yourself constantly on the lookout for new creative ideas, you know that finding a starting point is often the most difficult task. Use these tools and websites to help get yourself started when putting together social media content.

1.   Forekast

Forekast is the best place to discover what’s happening online. It’s a crowdsourced calendar – think of Reddit for events and happenings. Users can upvote and downvote listed events, which means the best events rise to the top. It also features tons of interesting categories you can follow, so you can stay up to date on what’s important to you.

Their newsletter also provides a weekly rundown that’s essential for marketers.

2. Reddit/Quora

If you’re stumped – ask. One of the best tricks for finding content ideas is to simply pose a question.

If you need to find content for a specific client or business, and can’t seem to find a starting point, let others help find it for you. Reddit and Quora both have active communities that are happy to help. Pose a question, take a 5-minute Pomodoro break, and then review your answers.

3. PromoRepublic

This tool helps spawn creativity in many ways – not only does it let you mock up images for social media, but it also provides suggested posts.

You can enter any industry, keyword, or phrase and PromoRepublic will come up with some sample drafts you can then quickly edit right from their backend.

4. Feedly

Finding sources that constantly provide valuable content takes time, and once you start collecting them you won’t want to lose any.

This is where Feedly comes in – it’s the place where you store all of your valuable websites and forums. You can even add a subreddit to Feedly, making it the ultimate RSS reader.

5. SposterOnline

For a better and faster social media managing we suggest to use SposterOnline. It’s easy to plan your posts and share them on your social media pages. Check and try beta version

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