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Stay ahead of the 2022 social media predictions and trends

Stay ahead of the 2022 social media predictions and trends

Some you may know already, some maybe will be new, but here are the ones that matter most this year:

AI – future is now

Artificial Intelligence in social media marketing may feel more science fiction than fact to many, but it‘s not a far concept – it‘s here right now. We, as social media managers are all looking for new ways to find and attract potential audiences. But it‘s getting harder and harder to gain attention, reach your people, and get results. So, the AI wave completely changing the game and is one of the most promising technologies that can help to improve the customer journey and build a closer and stronger relationship with your social media audience.

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Short Video-based will be the most snackable content

Video content is perhaps the most engaging form of content right now, and it is here to stay in the long run. Most of the brands are rapidly shifting to video content and prioritizing it over written content and images. In 2021, we saw the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, continued engagement on stories content from Facebook, Instagram, and brands creating short-form or “snackable“ videos of content to educate consumers about their brand.

Influencers continue to grow

Influencer marketing is already big, and it‘s only going to get bigger. During the pandemic, many individuals trusted influencers more than brands. As a result, macro or micro-influencers and content creators will have a greater impact and will become increasingly relevant in 2022 as brands look to establish ongoing partnerships and diversify their social media collaborations. Nowadays, working with micro-influencers seems to be the best route to go. Micro-influencers provide brands with more loyal subscribers, higher engagement, and significantly larger returns.

Challenge by privacy or cookiepocalypse?

Social advertising will become more sophisticated because Google decided to eliminate cookie tracking by 2023, which means many marketers and social media advertisers will have to rethink their current. Fortunately, there are a variety of highly effective advertising choices available that do not involve the use of third-party cookies like user-generated content, targeted and personalized adverts across social media platforms.

Social media as a shopping platform.

Social selling will simplify the customer journey. At the start of the pandemic, we saw the introduction of Facebook and Instagram Shops. In-Stream shopping has become a key focus for both Instagram and Facebook, in 2022 we can expect to see more shoppable posts, live, stream shopping, improved product discovery, and streamlined payment processes. Since customers can purchase by clicking the shop button directly on the platform, you don’t risk losing the customer due to website lag times and having to click through multiple pages.

While new social media predictions and trends can feel never-ending, they also give you the opportunity to tailor your social media experience for your audience. So what do you think of the upcoming social media trends and predictions on our list? Do you plan to include any of them in your social media strategy?

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