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4 IG features

4 IG features

Exciting news for all Instagram content creators! 🌟 Instagram has introduced some fantastic new features to improve your experience on the platform and engage with content from your favourite creators!


If you’ve enjoyed using them in Stories, Instagram’s poll feature is now available in both Reels and the comments section of profile posts. Engage with the content of your favourite profiles more easily and quickly.

Reels download

Now you can download your favourite Reels videos directly to your phone gallery. Downloaded videos will display the watermark of the creator’s profile name, and creators have the option to disable the download of reels for better content management.

Interactive carousels

Instagram is making its carousel posts even more interactive. You can now add photos and videos to a carousel exposed on the grid. This provides more dynamic ways to interact with your audience and contribute to the content of your favourite profiles.

The anticipated feature:

Music on the content creator’s profile

This feature was launched in the US market in 2022 and is eagerly awaited in Europe. It will allow users to customize their profiles with their favourite tunes. And for creators to express their brand and give to their community even more vividly.

Have you tried the new features in this post yet? 👌🏼

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