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(EN) Instagram news: schedule your posts ahead

(EN) Instagram news: schedule your posts ahead

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Have you ever thought of a day when you could schedule your Instagram posts in advance? We have good news because that day is today!

Facebook’s Creator Studio app“, you can already find this feature. Of course, this feature can only be used from a PC at this time, but you can expect to schedule posts right from the Instagram mobile app in the near future.

First you need to link your business account  to “Creator Studio“ if you want to use this feature. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a “Create Post” button on your profile, one of two options, your Instagram Feed or IGTV channel, then start creating your message at your own discretion: save text, upload a photo or video, date.

The advantage of having such a platform is that it saves you a lot of time, scheduling messages up to a few weeks, or even more. This is useful for all companies that create large, long-lasting marketing campaigns or frequent posts.

Despite the announcement of scheduling Instagram posts, we encourage you to try the “SposterOnline“ social media management platform, where you can manage more than one social network. Schedule your posts ahead, see results, collaborate with colleagues and much more. You are welcome to register and test: “SposterOnline“

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