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(EN) Beginner’s Guide How to Use the TikTok Platform

(EN) Beginner’s Guide How to Use the TikTok Platform

Извините, этот текст доступен только на “Американский Английский” и “Литовский”.

The ever-growing Tik Tok platform is sparking consumer interest and predicts that this new space is a good opportunity for business to grow their market.

We recommend that you try and get to know Tik Tok  to find new solutions to maximize your marketing strategy.

The “SUMO” team shares guide in an infographic that has been highlighted in the following sections:

  • What is TikTok?
  • TikTok features
  • Rapid growth of the social network
  • Who uses this platform?
  • Should your brand use TikTok?
  • What about advertising?
  • Case study
  • Read the infographic below for more information

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